[Pillar] Valentine's Day Guide For Him

[Pillar] Valentine's Day Guide For Him

Valentine's day is quickly approaching, and you're probably wondering what to get for your loved one? You really want to wow him but don't want to spend a lot of money. Flagship has a ton of options no matter what style you are looking for. 

Goodwood NYC created the Distance Bracelet. These couples bracelet are so cute, effortless, and allows you to show affection to your loved one. You either give both, or give the one to your significant other and keep the other.  It's a thoughtful and unique idea, and wherever you go your love one will have a physical reminder of you on his wrist. 


If your guy is into hoodies definitely get him one from Daily Doses or New World Republic.

If your really don't know what to get him you can never go wrong with a graphic tee. Check out these dope choices from New World Republic, Weekend Offender,  Akomplice Clothing, and Iridium Clothing Company.

To complete an outfit or if your loved one lacks pants, Sinners Attire has some cool options to choose from. This brand has such a huge collection of jeans that I guarantee you will find something that fits his style.

More Accessories

If he's into ties go head and buy him one from Harrison Blake Apparel. They have a ton of choices and patterns to choose from. Not only did they have ties but they also ave pins for your suits.

Although it's winter and in some places the sun may not be out for most of the day. I think sunglasses can be a quick and great present for you man if he's into sunglasses. I recommend checking Sunny Rebel they have a huge list of different style sunglasses.

Find something cool and sweet for your loved one on Flagship he will definitely love it !!

By: Annette Lopez - Padilla - IG: @annettelp_

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