[Pillar] What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day If She’s Not About Romance

[Pillar] What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day If She’s Not About Romance

Another Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Most people go out to dinner, have a romantic night planned or bring their loved ones some roses arranged in the shape of a heart. You know, something a little extra to ‘wow’ them. But... what if your better half isn’t all about the holiday? What if she doesn’t need to be wowed or doesn’t have time to even celebrate? Flowers aren’t her thing and neither are fancy dinners. She’s definitely low-key, and that’s exactly what you like about her. But sometimes finding something special for her can be a little challenging. She has probably already told you that she doesn’t want anything for Valentines Day, but you would still feel bad if you didn’t get her anything. Luckily, It’s not as hard as you think. What is something she would use on a daily basis? What is something that she needs? Or what is something that’s meaningful to her? The key is practicality and thoughtfulness. If you give her something that shows that you’ve been listening to her, it will ‘wow’ her. It will also show her that you’ve been thinking about her needs and wants. What you give her doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Here are some items from Flagship that your low-key lady would like for Valentine’s Day.


  • 8mm Marble beads

  • 8mm Black Matte beads

  • Hand Assembled

  • Made in the USA

These couples bracelets would be such a sweet gift. Wear both or give one to your loved one. These Distance Bracelets, created by GoodWood NYC, are made of black and white marble, with matte accents. It’s simple and it shows your loved one that you care about your relationship. No matter where you are, you’ll always be thinking of them and they’ll always be thinking of you!

  • Made of lightweight cotton

  • Constructed of an eco-friendly speckle fabric

  • Features an oversized hood

  • Logo on left chest is printed by screen to ensure color correction

  • Made in the USA using fair trade practices


I guarantee that she would never turn down a cute sweatshirt. Even if she has so many, giving her another one would just make her smile. This Akman Lightweight Surf Sweatshirt includes a hood which is such a bonus! Akomplice creates a lot of different sweatshirts, and this would be the perfect start!

This is such a great little cross-body. It’s the perfect on-the-go purse. She can throw her wallet, keys and phone in it and there you have it! The soft nude color will go with any outfit and the convenience of it is super ideal. She will not be disappointed!  

  • Constructed with a top handle and adjustable shoulder strap

  • Complete with a fold-over top and metal snap closure

  • Features gold fixtures and lock detailing

  • Finished with a stylish tassel detail


  • 168 needle organic cotton for cushioning and ventilation

  • Impact emblem for attracting attention (to world's greatest causes)

  • Reinforced heels and toes for durability

  • Seamless toe for comfort

  • Certified Vegan - plant & animal friendly

  • Made in Fair Trade Conditions

  • Men Size (8-13), Women Size (6.5-11.5)

I know what you’re thinking. Socks? Really? Well hold on, because these socks are special. If you buy any item from Conscious Step, the money will be donated to different types of charities. Conscious Step has collaborated with UNAIDS to create Socks That Treat HIV II. These socks provide 7 days of HIV/AIDS therapy, preventing transmission from mother to child. By giving her these socks, she’ll feel good knowing that the money that was spent on these socks were not just for her, but they went to a good cause as well.

You can never ever go wrong with a candle. It smells AMAZING too. This Cedar & Cypress Candle from Kathrine Zeren is known to de-stress anybody, especially your loved one. Have them unwind with this candle that has natural and essential oils in it. They could definitely use some relaxation time! 

  • 10 oz

  • 100% Natural, American Grown Soy Wax & Pure Essential Oils


By: Danielle Gatewood - daniellegatewood100.wixsite.com/dani

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