[Fit & Fashionable] How to be the best female street-wearer in town

[Fit & Fashionable] How to be the best female street-wearer in town


My Hypebae Style

Dover Street Market, NYC


We all know what a hypebeast is– a person who wears sick sneakers and high-end streetwear apparel. But do you know what a hypebae is? Hypebae is the female version of a hypebeast and she rocks the clothes she wears. If you are wanting to be a hypebae and don't know what to wear or simply just looking at things to add to your collection, you're in the right place. Here is the starter-pack to be a hypebae from head to toe.

Hair: Literally rock that joint, there's nothing to be ashamed of for the texture of your hair.

Earrings: Hoops look sick with any outfit and don't worry about the saying “ The Bigger the hoop the bigger…” Ya feel?

Outfit: Yes, Supreme, Kith, off-white are all the hypebae essentials. Flagship has so many options to offer at a cheaper price. Some of the items have the supreme and other brands vibe and some are actually better.

Hoodie/sweatshirt: ­You can never go wrong with a hoodie the­y are­ recommend the flagship site for hoodies.

Hoodies: The lace-up hoodie is the Sand Dune from Fusion Clothing. This hoodie gives me some FENTY puma x Rihanna lace-up hoodie vibes. Not only does it capture the chill vibe, but the color contrast will go with anything.

The orange sweatshirt is The Mid Cut Loose Fit Sweatshirt by Eris Black. This is Definitely a pop of color to your outfit. Not only will it add color but also texture. Would recommend and also checkout Eris Black.

Jackets: The Jungle Camo Field Camo From NYC state of mind is what I would call “The Tuff iconic
Jacket” NY State of Mind has. I could see anyone wear this and it would go well with any outfit.
This jacket would be refreshing to wear in this time because Camo is in at this season. Any
jacket will do like Windbreakers, Varsity, and many other styles of jackets.

Shirts: Any Graphic tee and Brand tee will do. Never underestimate a tshirt because trust me it will give a lot of personality to your outfit. And like I said, Camo is so in.

Bottoms: Like your top Bottoms are important to your outfit they put it all together. With any top or hoodie you are wearing ripped up jeans are the best. But when you have a chill vibe kinda day joggers/ sweatpants are the best.You can never go wrong with black joggers. They will go with anything and will apply soft comfort throughout your adventures.



Finally Shoes. Shoes are the most important part of your outfit. Everyone is looking at your shoes to see the type of heat you have. If you're a hypebae you have the heat in your shoes. To start off simple any old-skool checkered vans are an essential. Yeezys boost, dad shoes, Nike force, NMD, Jordans, Puma, and other shoe collaborations are good to add to your collection. Be confident with your footwear and be bold because it is the cherry on top to your outfit.

By: Annette Lopez-Padilla

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