[Fit & Fashionable] The Difference Between 'Different' and Being Different

[Fit & Fashionable] The Difference Between 'Different' and Being Different

Most might not know, but there is a huge difference between peoples idea of "being different". Some might say that being different is wearing over sized bomber jackets with ripped jeans and chucks. Others might say being different is wearing a dinosaur costume as a outfit in the middle of June. Who really can say what different is? We all have different perceptions on what "different" really is. It truly is hard to be unique when it comes to shopping when everything in modern day America is massed produced. Here are a couple of tips to use when stepping into the world of being "different":

Tip #1
When searching for a designer you like, don't look at the clothing right off the bat. Try to relate to the back story of the designer; It will make you look at the pieces in a totally different light. 

Tip #2
Go through all the items the designer has to offer, even if its one piece that catches your eye that might be all that you need. 

Tip #3
Don't buy from just one designer; Small minded people will typically order an entire outfit from one designer and realize their friend has the exact same outfit. 

Tip #4
Layers layers layers - even in summer layers stand out! Making a statement with layers always look undeniably easy but truly its takes hours to make your layers blend but in the end its all worth the struggle. 


When searching for a good layer topper you want to be as open minded as possible. The simplest hoodie could seal the deal on your outfit. When shopping for a jackets make sure your designers has a good quantity and quality of jackets. Different varities are always good because you get to see the types of styles you want to go with. For instance one, a good line with quality pieces I have experience with is Eris Black. Their variety of jackets are limited but they make a bold fashion statement. From jeans jackets to parkas, and even bombers they give you a good variety of styles to choose from.


Arguably the hardest part! Bottoms either are never in your size or have a ugly jean pattern. Typically when shopping for jeans statistics state that people buy for future oufits instead of buying for the use of the moment. Buy your bottoms for what ever you need them for ! It's good to have different kinds of bottoms - unique colors, fabrics, rips, patterns. Never limit yourself to a simple blue jean. Open your mind to a future of different outlooks on your outfits. 


Searching for tops? Me personally, I dont indulge in looking for a fancy graphic tee or high priced button down. I like to keep the shirt simple so that the shirt doesn't silence the bigger picture with it's layers. A simple t-shirt will go with anything simple, which is always better than a $500 Gucci t-shirt that depreciates severely after the first wash. Long distressed shirts are the god of layers; they make layering more simple, from the colors to even the purposeful rips. Layering has never been so simple. 

Basically the definition of diffenrent is all about how you layer; No one will ever have the exact same layering. So that means every layer is uniquely designed for you, by you. 

By: Kev Styles

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