The 70's Trend That's Back & Better Than Ever

The 70's Trend That's Back & Better Than Ever

Feelin' fringy?

Has anyone else noticed the epic comeback that fringe has made? Whether it is on a bag, jacket, or vest I swear it is EVERYWHERE, and I am not mad about it.

I recently was shopping at Lord & Taylor and I copped this amazing fringe leather jacket. I love this piece because of its trendy, vintage feel but also because of the variety it can add to an outfit. It's become a staple of my wardrobe and can be styled in so many different ways. Check it out!  

Look One:

Need I say more?! This jacket speaks for itself.

For this outfit, I chose to remain loyal to my black and white color palette because, let's be real, do I ever wear anything else? I paired my classic Adidas logo tee with a simple pair of black Lululemon Align Pants (a purchase I swear changed my life). Not pictured are my simple white Converse, a great go-to shoe for any outfit. An outfit would be nothing without a little accessorizing, so I topped it off with my favorite pair of Ray Bans sunglasses for a little hipster touch.

For both of the looks styled in this post, any graphic tee would do the job, and you can incorporate as much or as little color into these looks depending on your personal style. I did some research and found some really cool graphic tees on Flagship. Not to mention the free shipping! 

Look Two:

If your sense of style is inspired by your wild side, you may feel inclined to flirt with the idea of incorporating bright colors in to your look. That was my goal when helping Tali put together this cute outfit. Tali is sporting some burnt orange jeans from Pacsun and a graphic bullhorn tank from Nordstrom. (Plenty more graphic tees over on Flagship).

Over the tank we threw on the go-to black fringe jacket and paired it with some simple white chucks from Converse. I personally love how stark and bold the jacket looks with the neutral warm tones that the rest of the outfit provides. It calls for a really unexpected and western feel to an otherwise simple outfit.

Although the winter months are coming to an end, don't be afraid to challenge yourself when it comes to textures, fringe and color palettes. You never know the type of outfit that can come out of a little experimentation. 


Article By Sami Sandler | @slsandler


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[NOTICED] Rob Dugan/ Philadelphia

[NOTICED] Rob Dugan/ Philadelphia