noun: [vol-yoom, -yuh m] : a collection of written or printed sheets bound together and constituting a book.
noun: [pley-list] 
a list of the recordings to be played on the radio during a particular program or time period, often including their sequence, duration, etc

The definition of those words pretty much define what THE ALBUM OF THE WEEK guarantees to bring you. As we present VOl. 1, we hope to give you weekly musical influences that inspire, teach and stay true to the Urban Atlas guide by giving you global music to share locally with your friends, family and peers. Music is a major part of our global connections, and in 2016 we can now hear songs created from all over, so as we start this musical journey, this tour can't stride without you. 
No matter how fast the tempo, bad ass the bass, & ingenious the verses, if you know of any artists, independent or signed, that shouldn't be kept in your headphones, soundclouds, & the cliques #1 go-to in the car, always send them our way!
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CASE: Erykah Badu
TITLE: Musician/singer/songwriter/activist /producer/ actress
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas


From the new mixtape "But You Caint Use My Phone" " CELL U LAR DEVICE"

It's been a few months since mixtape BUT YOU CAN'T USE MY PHONE was released, and for now being ready to share my thoughts, its solely the reason why It's The Album of The Week. Being released in November 2015, it has somehow been the 2016 staple. For sampling Drake's "Hotline Bling,"


Erykah B. & Zach Witness produced a memoir by poetry of the iconic cell phone, and the powers most of us can't see.

 Once again winning, this  multi-tasking R&B guru controls my musical being, as I have willingly caught the feels of her iconic, brainwashing, subliminal power-strides of poetry. This short but overpowering 11- track spell lingers throughout the realms of new thoughts, meanings, & insight. For the near starting out the way we can always hope starting somethig new & differernt always seem to be one of the goals. Erykah did just that for taking a new route from the immaculate albums she always produces. This mixtape not only gets a sanctified message across in the way we know Erykah, but with the help of her friend & the father of her son, Andre 3000, & one scary scary sounding Drake-sounding rapper, ITSROUTINEaccompany Erykah through a journey in which you have to hear to believe. Mixtaping R&B & sampling songs like Usher's "You Don't Have to Call", Isley Brothers "Hello It's Me" and, New Edition's " Telephone man," her melodic tunes and her tone of speech comes with every deal we thrive to explore. 

Within 12 days,  Grammy winning Erykah was able to deliver over 40 years of her life, her musical journey, and her insestuiouas beliefes of cell phones. While stemming from her Soundclouds Super jam hit "Cell u lar Device," she integrates her overcasting view on what mobile devices mean to her. Seeing them as contraptions that can channel the living & spirited, we can cross oceans with communication, being able to reach all around the world, but what cones a device that links you to a world so global,  a simple button can also jam the signal, forwarding to a voicemail & be unheard by busy signals. For those subliminal messages, our emotions are then intertwined to this device, making phones an extension of our soul being. Since we take this barrier of emotional state, cell phones are causing us to feel lust, anger, depression, gratitude, and even love. This mixtape really hits who Erykah B. is, what she has gone through, and what she has done for many fans, artists, poets, and rappers. With tying her most deepest past, explaining her present, and presenting the future, the entirety of the way you look at your cellular device will almost feel like a culture shock. 

We all remember " Tyrone," a 1997 game changer for herself, the world, and me. For certain attributes that became my childhood, Erykah related to most, but mostly to the realm of the independent, strong black woman, teaching and praising to be proud of who you are, overcome the bullshit, and kick Tyrone's ass out!  For her usual soulful tunes & powerful messages combine into lyrics of true bliss and wisdom, and fans & I waited patiently for almost 5 years for this masterpiece and not to our surprise, we got something better.  

But in those 5 years, she wasn't just sitting around. She has made major staples in the fashion industry being the face of Givenchy, Tom Ford's White Patchouli fragrance line and working with Kerby Jean-Raymond & styled Pyer Moss’s Fall 2016 "Black Lives Matter movement" collection at New York Fashion Week. 

From fashion icon to producer, this 45-year-old goddess is still making staples in everything I do in my career. She is not only my idol, but my goddess, my high power, and resembling a lot like my mom, I take her poetry into powerful messages, lectures, and teachings. I hope you can find her understandings the way she wants you. Thank you Erykah B. Thank you.

Grab the Album or stream it here.


Article By: Justin F @PHASHINJUNKY


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