Introducing The Fairy Godmother Of Intimates

Introducing The Fairy Godmother Of Intimates

“For the girls with stars in their eyes, love in their hearts & flowers in their hair,” Fete’s “fantasy intimates brand” is absolutely fitting for any stylish sweet pea that epitomizes designer Emily Sterren’s description of her brand. Although Emily is based all the way out in the city that she has dubbed “Sunny Love Angeles,” I luckily seized the opportunity to engage in a brief interview with the lovely creator of Fete, one of whom has been on my fashion radar for over a year now.

When I got in touch with the prominent designer herself, I may have subtly engaged in what they call “fangirling”… but who wouldn’t, honestly? Every woman that slips into her playsuits and babydoll sets look sexy in soft glam while staying cozy! She's basically the fairy godmother of creating garments that you can't help but feel confidently beautiful in, which is unarguably one of the greatest gifts that you can give to a girl. Therefore, I just have to share with our readers here on The Urban Atlas my Q & A session with Emily. This is now your official source to discover the meaning behind the tastemaker's famous “Champagne for Breakfast” comfy soft white tees, the true craft of Fete apparel, and how she celebrates and embraces the true beauty of life.

What is the most special ingredient that goes into creating Fete merchandise?

“We put a lot of love into each piece. I practice Reiki, and charge each piece with positive intention before it gets sent out!”

How would you describe the aesthetic and purpose that your designs achieve?

“My goal with Fete and making clothes in general is to instill confidence and self-love in women. So pieces that feel feminine, but still cool and sexy. Clothes you can wear alone and feel fancy! Special pieces you'll keep in your closet forever, but are still wearable for every day - that's my goal.”

Tell me a little bit about how you discovered that your talents and passions were found in fashion design.

"My nanny taught me how to sew; as a child, I made clothes for my barbies. In high school, I participated in a student run fashion show that benefited "Suited for Change," an organization that helps women in tough situations obtain clothing for job interviews to better their lives. Personally, I had a tough time in high school - and clothing became my outlet. I realized if I could help myself, I could help other women with my passion for making clothes... help them take on the world! This is the most important thing to me, instilling confidence and self-love in women, it's the reason I came to this planet. It's my way of making the world a more beautiful place."

I believe one of your pieces have been featured in Vogue, yes? Which issue? 

"YES! We were featured on for our Love Angeles Playsuit last July. That was really exciting!"

What Fete piece could you wear everyday?

"The Love Angeles playsuit, the Dauphine bustier & shorty, and the cotton candy coat. Also, at home I basically live in my snuggle sweater - it's perfect."

Tell me a little about the story behind "champagne for breakfast.”

"Originally, it was inspired by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. When Fred baby is opening a bottle of champagne and says, “I've never had champagne before breakfast. With breakfast on several occasions..." It's the feeling of celebrating every day! Breaking out the nice sheets, burning the fancy candles, buying yourself flowers... Treating every moment like a special occasion. There are certain luxuries that just make you feel so fancy, they don't have to be expensive; it can simply be taking an hour long bubble bath! It's that luxurious feeling of treating yourself just because. Because every moment is special, and we should dress for the occasion."

How do you unwind after a busy work day?

"Bubble bath, kundalini, then sitting on the floor on my fluffy rug and writing, dreaming, making things."

Future goals and aspirations for Fete & yourself?

"Personally, I want to be able to take some time for myself to create more art. I’ve been working on a few things but just don't have the time or resources to put my all into it at the moment. I'm very all or nothing. As far as Fete goes, we are bringing production back to the US this season, which I'm very excited about, and starting to focus on taking on investors. We're growing our collections each season - and I'm excited to get to the point where we produce more intricate lingerie and swimwear!

You can find and check out Fete apparel featured on Girly Rose in Tokyo, Plan de Ville, and Dolls Kill.


Follow Fete on Twitter for constant updates regarding Emily’s future releases, as well as style inspiration. Also, be sure to spring into fashion on the right foot this season & treat your closet with current merchandise now available for purchase on Emily's specialty website.


By Brooke Lynn Decker


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