[ON THE RECORD] XoMandySue / California

[ON THE RECORD] XoMandySue / California

Starting out with a closet on Poshmark reselling uniquely fabulous finds as well as self bought items for wholesale, founder Lindsay, decided to take her styling efforts to new heights with the unique subscription service XOMandySue.

After discovering her personal style and discovering her love of helping other women put together outfits that make them feel beautiful, Lindsay decided to start an online website where in a few simple steps, you provide information about your style and she sends you packages each month with clothing hand-picked just for you. 

After lusting over XOMandySue on Poshmark and finding her online personal shopping site, I decided to see if Mrs. Lindsay would be willing to give me the inside scoop on her and her brand. 

Vogueful (VF): How did you find & create ""XOMandySue""? Why do you do what you do?

XOMandySue (XO): I created XOMandySue as an expansion of my Poshmark boutique, MandySue. I wanted a way to style women across the country who love the image & brand. Style is an honest expression of one's self, & I love playing a role in curating real women's every day wardrobes.

VF: Where you find the most inspiration?

 Photos by: Xomandysue

Photos by: Xomandysue

XO: I find the most inspiration from fashion bloggers I follow on social media. It's inspiring to see how other women combine poise & elegance with exceptional taste! Some of my favorite fashion bloggers include Ashley from The Teacher Diva, Marissa from Style Cusp, & Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls. Those ladies are total style inspiration & their blogs are amazing reads!

VF:  What practices or routines do you think set you & your brand apart form the others?

XO: One thing that sets my brand apart from others is that I take the time to truly curate looks for women based on their own personal taste. I utilize a simple style profile to help customers convey what style they like best so that the looks I put together for them enhance their existing wardrobe, rather than completely changing it.

VF: What is type of things do you take into consideration when curating a look?

XO: The most important information is the style genre a girl selects in the style profile. It gives me important insight into what type of fashion speaks to her most and how she likes to express herself through her wardrobe. Age range is also important because while I want the looks I curate for her to be totally on-trend within her selected style genre, I also want to ensure they are age-appropriate and tasteful for her daily life.

VF: What is the ultimate goal with XOMandySue?

XO:  The ultimate goal with XOMandySue is to style looks for thousands of women across the country.  In one year, I hope to establish a core group of returning customers who love the looks I have curated for them and want more! In five years, I hope to expand my customer base to every state and to have an exponentially growing number of customers who believe in XOMandySue's ability to give them a personalized wardrobe that fits their style perfectly!

 Photos by: Xomandysue

Photos by: Xomandysue

VF: What is your advice for others aspiring to do what you do?

XO: My number one piece of advice to others is put your whole heart into it. It doesn't matter if you fail as long as you did what you love and tried your hardest.

VF: What are some Dos & Don'ts of the business?

XO: Do: find a way to set yourself apart from other brands, welcome the advice & critique of others, put the customer first, & welcome customer feedback. Don't: expect to be the best from the get go- it is a learning process. Don't base your decisions solely on what others say- it's ultimately your brand. Finally, don't disregard what customers say about your brand- it is the truest insight into how well you're really doing!

VF: Would you ever consider collaborating with another designer? If so who?

XO: I would love to collaborate with another designer in the future. Someone I would really like to collaborate with is Blackthorne Co.  I love their unique line and how appealing it is to the everyday girl.

VF: Where do you get your clothes for your store? Fave shops or wholesale boutiques?

XO: I get my clothes mainly from designer sample sales and other local stores. Getting new inventory is one of my absolute favorite things about running XOmandysue.

Thinking about upgrading your wardrobe and interested in letting Lindsay fill your closet? Check her out:

Online | Instagram | Poshmark

Article by Ashley Roberts of Vogueful

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