[ON THE RECORD]: Hvnter Gvtherers / Chicago

[ON THE RECORD]: Hvnter Gvtherers / Chicago

Founded in 2011, HVNTER GVTHERER brings together minimalism and sustainability to create beautifully designed hand-crafted jewelry. We had the opportunity to interview founder and designer Laura Prieto-Velasco to gain some insight into her creative process.

  Selections from ORIGINS 2015 campaign, Glitch art by Ana Zhang for HVNTER GVTHERER

Selections from ORIGINS 2015 campaign, Glitch art by Ana Zhang for HVNTER GVTHERER

How did you get started designing?

I think I’ve always been designing, but officially began working professionally as a designer in 2003. My background is in fine art metal work and at the time I was mostly focusing on 3D CAD design. My first job was at a fine jewelry manufacturing facility 3D printing wax models for diamond settings. Although that wasn’t the direction I chose to go in it did feed my love of mechanisms, precision, and wearable structures. I certainly use a lot of these experiences in my teaching (SAIC/Digital Crafting course) 

How would you describe your brand?

Hvnter Gvtherer is a brand that offers a range of unisex hand crafted jewelry basics and statement pieces in a monochromatic palette full of rich textures and elegant surfaces.

What are your inspirations?

Ancient cultures, archeology and science, to put it broadly. I’m really inspired by the way people make things and how these things create meaning in their lives. Other people greatly inspire me – designers, artists, friends, musicians, writers…the list is endless.

What are some things that you do or that interest you, aside from designing?

I gravitate towards noisy pursuits and other kinds of chaotic creativity.

What was your brand like in the very beginning?

Early Hunter Gatherer was an outlet for experimental pieces I designed for myself that other people were interested in purchasing. I did a lot of one of a kind casting of twigs, fingers, that teetered on the edges of assemblage and fine jewelry. With my previous (studio) work I was looking at a lot of arte povera pieces and I think elements of that inspired seeds to Hvnter Gvtherer.

Where would you like to see your brand in 5-10 years?

It’s hard to know really, because I like to keep things open, but I would like it to continue to grow, inspire, and become part of people’s daily lives.

If you are sold in any shops, which ones?

In Chicago you can find most pieces from my mainstay lines at Asrai Gardens, City Soles, and Tarnish. Select boutiques such as Robin Richman and Pavilion Antiques and 20th Century Design carry limited edition or exclusive collaborative work that is not available anywhere else. Tennessee - STOREFRONT, a new exciting shop launching this month Vancouver - Global Atomic You can also find my work online via Adorn Milk, Cvlt Nation, OCCULTER, Sisters of the Black Moon, and The Unconventional to name a few.

When you get in a creative rut, what do you do to get out of it?

Listen to good music and hang out with good people.

  Selections from ORIGINS 2015 campaign, Glitch art by Ana Zhang for HVNTER GVTHERER

Selections from ORIGINS 2015 campaign, Glitch art by Ana Zhang for HVNTER GVTHERER

What are some things you have learned over time in the business?

Believing in what you do will get you far, and feels rewarding. Also nothing is permanent.

Which part of the city is your favorite?

I’ve lived in several parts of the city over my short tenure as a Chicagoan however some of my favorite parts of the city happen to be where there are interesting things happening – which is everywhere. Music Venues and dive bars are favorites for social time. I also love the hidden parts the city has to offer.

What do you wish you could do more of?

I would love to be able to have more time for my other mistress/secret passion (flamenco dancing) and to of course have more time to travel.

What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up, family, siblings, etc?

I’m an only child. I’m weird. Don’t feel like my childhood directly reflects who I am today except for the fact that I loved fire and collecting sticks. ;) 


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Article By Leslie DiCarlo

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